Preston todd advisors operates two distinct but related business units

Our PT Strategic Consulting Unit provides customized consulting programs for our clients who are positioning their companies for investment at some point in the futre, but not ta the moment. Our PT Transactional Services offers both buy-side and sell-side clients a comprehensive suite of  M&A services including market  research, mapping of targets, and process. 


PT Strategic Consulting

PT Strategic Consulting Services (“PTSC”) offers insights and perspectives to best develop meaningful growth and exit s trategies for our clients. We package our unbiased analyses into tangible deliverables which ensures a thorough set of outputs for C-Level decision making.

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PT Transactional Services

Our buy-side M&A services are uniquely tailored to deliver sensible and actionable acquisition strategies, ensuring successful outcomes by leveraging numerous, qualified opportunities for our clients to evaluate and assess in a non-auction environment.

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