PT Transactional Services

PT Transactional Services' history, reputation, and expertise, defines our position in the marketplace as an industry leader in Software and Financial Technology M&A. 

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Our buy-side M&A services are uniquely tailored to deliver sensible and actionable acquisition strategies, ensuring successful outcomes by leveraging numerous, qualified opportunities for our clients to evaluate and assess in a non-auction environment. (Strategics, Private Equity) 

Pre-M&A (Buy-side):

•           Determining acquisition objectives

•           Identification of target verticals

•           Mapping target segment

M&A Advisory (Buy-side):

•           Target engagement

•           Due diligence formulation, collection and review

•           Deal management, facilitation and tracking


Our sell-side M&A services prepare a client’s company, or company assets, for sale through the implementation of an intelligent, actionable marketing strategy, consisting of the proper showcasing of the property to a highly-targeted group of qualified buyers.

Pre-M&A (Sell-side):

•           Understanding current market conditions and dynamics (market liquidity, perceived value drivers of buyers)

•           Valuation

•           Buyer targeting (creating buyer profiles, marketing methodology)

•           Creation of offering memorandum

M&A Advisory (Sell-side):

•           Marketing and presenting property to targeted buyers

•           Facilitating due diligence process

•           Negotiating with targeted buyers

•           Deal management, facilitation and tracking