Optimizing Your ISV For Payments Processing

Independent software vendors have seen the light with regard to recognizing and appreciating the value of payments processing. Once an overlooked service offering and revenue stream, payments processing has risen to celebritydom in the software community as a way to flesh out an ISV’s existing value proposition to its end-users, and as a long term strategic play for enterprise value creation through the high quality, recurring revenue that it brings to bear.

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E-commerce Acquisitions Transforming Payments

Submitted by Lane Gordon, April 12, 2016

Growth in global e-commerce has had tremendous ramifications for online retailers (e-tailers), payments companies, and the broader software industry.  As consumers worldwide continue their rapid adoption of online payments, the lines between e-commerce and payments companies are getting blurred as the two verticals converge.  Payments companies are increasingly seen as acquisition targets for enterprising e-tailers, ERP, and SaaS companies, in addition to traditional payments businesses.  


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