Unsolicited Offer to Acquire Your Company: A Faustian Bargain?

In the world of integrated payments and SaaS, acquirers abound and high-quality assets are hard to find. And as we head into 2019, all signs point to the continuation of a robust sellers’ market.

For the fortunate owners of top caliber properties, the market has become a name your price, name your terms, and prepare the family for the new condo in Palm Beach proposition. It’s really simple: you’ve built a successful business, and that in turn has earned you an unsolicited offer from a Buyer who is going to pay you top dollar, and close your deal in 45 days or less.

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Tale of the Tape: Think You’re Evenly Matched? Doubt it. - Payments & Fintech Deal Negotiations

You’re a new boxer/fighter. You started training one year ago. Now, imagine entering the ring for your first true bout. Your opponent is equally matched in height, weight, speed and reach. It appears to be an even match – even to the casual observer. You feel good about your chances as you size up your opponent. You got this - there’s nothing you see that gives your opponent an advantage over you.

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Selling Your Company? Break Out the Whiskey, Xanax (and Contempt) – Private Equity and the Re-Trade are Back

When I hear the expression, “what’s old is new again,” I’m apt to reflect fondly on the days of yore, how something from the past - vinyl records, bell-bottoms, (hell, actually using a phone for talking) - has re-established itself in the contemporary ethos, having undergone a transformation, evolution, or innovation of some kind, and having done so, become a better version of its prior self.

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