I’ve Secured Growth Capital for My Payments Company – How Do I Optimize Investment to Maximize Value?

Merchant acquirers have always caught the attention of investors looking to put capital to work. Recurring, predictable revenue will capture the eye of any sharp investor, and for well over a decade now, investor interest has in no uncertain terms taken root in the merchant processing space. Consequentially, this has presented a rather steady flow of opportunities for ISO owners, third party processors, agent offices, and merchant level salespersons (“MLSs”).

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Maximizing Portfolio Value in a Sale: Capitalizing on the Valuation Variance of Downline MLS Portfolios

M&A activity in payments is prodigious, and maximizing portfolio value in a sale has never been more important. Though the heavy level of deal activity in the marketplace is a fairly current phenomenon ( the past 18 months or so), there’s nothing particularly new about trying to maximize the value of the businesses and/or assets we own when we attempt to sell them.

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