Selling Your Company? Break Out the Whiskey, Xanax (and Contempt) – Private Equity and the Re-Trade are Back

When I hear the expression, “what’s old is new again,” I’m apt to reflect fondly on the days of yore, how something from the past - vinyl records, bell-bottoms, (hell, actually using a phone for talking) - has re-established itself in the contemporary ethos, having undergone a transformation, evolution, or innovation of some kind, and having done so, become a better version of its prior self.

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Maximizing Portfolio Value in a Sale: Capitalizing on the Valuation Variance of Downline MLS Portfolios

M&A activity in payments is prodigious, and maximizing portfolio value in a sale has never been more important. Though the heavy level of deal activity in the marketplace is a fairly current phenomenon ( the past 18 months or so), there’s nothing particularly new about trying to maximize the value of the businesses and/or assets we own when we attempt to sell them.

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