Tale of the Tape: Think You’re Evenly Matched? Doubt it. - Payments & Fintech Deal Negotiations

You’re a new boxer/fighter. You started training one year ago. Now, imagine entering the ring for your first true bout. Your opponent is equally matched in height, weight, speed and reach. It appears to be an even match – even to the casual observer. You feel good about your chances as you size up your opponent. You got this - there’s nothing you see that gives your opponent an advantage over you.

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I’ve Secured Growth Capital for My Payments Company – How Do I Optimize Investment to Maximize Value?

Merchant acquirers have always caught the attention of investors looking to put capital to work. Recurring, predictable revenue will capture the eye of any sharp investor, and for well over a decade now, investor interest has in no uncertain terms taken root in the merchant processing space. Consequentially, this has presented a rather steady flow of opportunities for ISO owners, third party processors, agent offices, and merchant level salespersons (“MLSs”).

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